Tire Dressing Applicator

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Apply Tire Dressing Evenly With No Mess!

Product Highlights

  • Contoured to smoothly spread tire dressing
  • Avoid messy runs and drips
  • Dense foam handle keeps your hands clean
  • Washable and reusable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*


Shine Your Tires Like a Pro!

A car wash is not complete without applying tire dressing to your tire's sidewalls. Using our Tire Dressing Applicator you can now evenly apply tire dressing and make your tires shine with no mess. Detail your car like a pro! A dual foam design features contoured foam to smoothly and evenly spread tire dressing while a dense handle provides a firm handle to keep your hands clean.


Begin by spraying a tire dressing such as Tire Love onto the tire's side wall. Then with light pressure, smoothly wipe the applicator on the tire to even out the tire dressing. When using a gel style tire dressing or to prevent any over spray apply the tire dressing directly to the applicator. Once the dressing has been applied to the applicator with light pressure, smoothly wipe the applicator on the tire to apply the tire dressing. To maintain your Tire Dressing Applicator rinse the applicator with water after each use.

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