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Cleans, Conditions and Shines!

Special Sauce is a multipurpose dressing that will clean and protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces from premature aging and fading! It will leave your surfaces with a gloss finish with no sticky residue.

Watch Brake Dust Pro Destroy Brake Dust!

Brake Dust Professional or BDP is the ultimate touch-less wheel cleaner. Just spray Brake Dust Pro onto your wheels and watch brake dust dissolve. No more scrubbing your wheels!

Have you Smelled our Hypermint Wash?!

HyperMint® Wash, the only car soap in the world with the invigorating scent of 3 different mint oils.  The most refreshing and stimulating auto soap on the planet. Try HyperMint® Wash today!


Effortless Carpet saved my ass.  Brought my old carpets back to life.  Thanks.


Great products, but even better pricing.  Nice to see stuff that works that's not overpriced.

Chris Grandizia

Brake Dust Pro is KING!!  Believe that.

Jay R.

I get all my stuff at Patterson - they have everything, ship quick and the prices are on point.

Justin Laheye

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