About us

About us

Everything You Need to Wash Your Car!

Professional Detailing Products for Enthusiasts 

Simple, effective products that work - that’s what Patterson Car Care is all about. At Patterson Car Care we believe in accomplishing one major task; providing you premium quality products without the premium prices. You'll find larger bottles and pay less per ounce of material. Each of our products serve a specific purpose and are designed for the weekend car washer all the way to the professional detailer.

At Patterson Car Care we’re car lovers like you. Washing, waxing, detailing, racing, and car shows; we do it all. No distractions here - enjoy high end products at honest pricing.

We don’t just sell Patterson Car Care products we use them on our own cars. Being a close knit group of car enthusiasts we thoroughly test all of our products before making them available to you. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can rest assured you’ll be happy with the results.


Our Products


You won’t find any deception in the products we offer. All of our products are designed to be easy to use, clean your car, and make it shine. By using a unique blend of ingredients we are able to create products that not only clean great but also smell great. Some of our unique formulas include peppermint scented HyperMint Wash, cherry scented Active Wax, and mango scented Car Show Prep spray detailer. Make sure to keep your eyes open because we are always making new formulas.


Our Passion

Here at Patterson Car Care we have a passion for cars. With deep roots in the automotive industry we’ve seen many car washing and detailing products over the years. However, none of these products satisfied our needs. From car shows to racing to just driving around, we want our cars looking clean all the time. Patterson Car Care was founded to satisfy the need for simple and effective car washing and detailing products that work!


Bigger Bottles!

The tag line says it all. All of our formula’s come standard in a 32-ounce bottle. This is twice the size of the 16-ounce bottles offered by other companies out there. 



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