Tire Shine

Tire Shine

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// You may like beef or stretch, but it's got to be wet.

Get that wet tire look! This ready to use tire dressing provides a deep, rich shine and a protective barrier to tires and rubber trim. Our no-sling formula stays on your tires where it belongs.

DIRECTIONS: For best results always clean prior to application. Lightly spray or wipe on dry tire sidewall surface, making sure to cover the entire sidewall of the tire.

CAUTION: Tire Love will cause any surface that is applied to become slippery. Do not allow spray to contact any surface that should not become slippery, such as the tread area of the tire or the driveway. Any overspray of these areas should be wiped and rinsed off prior to driving the vehicle or walking on. Failure to do so may cause loss of traction. Test small section of vehicle trim before application, as all trims are unique and may respond differently.