Clay Bar Mitt

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Remove contaminates from your vehicle's paint!

Product Highlights

  • Removes over spray, metal particles, water spots and more
  • Large surface area allows you to quickly "clay" your car
  • Flexible design allows you to clean body contours without missing a spot
  • Washable and reusable


Never miss a spot when "claying" your car

Our medium grade Clay Bar Mitt allows you to easily remove contaminates such as over spray, metal particles, brake dust, rail dust, tree sap, water spots, and more from your vehicle's paint. Unlike using a traditional clay bar, the Clay Mitt can be easily cleaned and reused and is easy to grip. The microfiber lined pocket fits snuggle around your hand and allows the mitt to glide over any body curve insuring you never miss a spot.


"Clay" your car in a fraction of the time

The Clay Bar Mitt features a surface area nearly 5 times larger than a traditional clay bar. This allows you to clay bar your car in a fraction of the time. We strongly recommend "claying" your car to remove contaminates from your vehicle's paint before applying any wax.


Leave your vehicle with a smooth decontaminated surface

Claying your vehicle is easy and is best performed using a quality lubricant such as Quick Clean. Begin by washing the vehicle to remove all loose dirt. Next, spray Quick Clean on a section of your vehicle. Once the entire section is wet rub the clay bar mitt on the surface just like you would do with a standard wash mitt. Periodically feel the area with your hand and continue rubbing the mitt on the surface until the surface is smooth. Once the first section is completed move to the next body panel until the entire car is completed. A high-quality car wash soap such as HyperMint Wash or Fat Foamer can be used as a lubricant instead of a Quick Clean.




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