Foam Sprayer

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Quickly and Effectively Wash Your Car!

Product Highlights

  • Spray A Foam Lather Onto Your Vehicle
  • Connects Directly To A Standard Water Hose, No Pressure Washer Required
  • Easily Adjust Flow With The Turn Of A Dial
  • Includes Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Perfect for use with Fat Foamer Soap


Spray a Deep Cleaning Foam on your Car!

Give your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle an amazing touch free wash! The Foam Sprayer is the lower pressure version of our Foam Cannon. Unlike the Foam Cannon, the Foam Sprayer DOES NOT require a pressure washer. The Foam Sprayer allows you to quickly and effectively clean your car. Just add a foaming car wash soap such as Fat Foamer to the Foam Sprayer and spray away. The Foam Sprayer will cover your vehicle with a snow foam that removes dirt, grease, oil, and debris. Just wipe with a microfiber wash mitt, rinse the car, and then dry.

Connects to a Standard Garden Hose!

The Foam Sprayer combined with Fat Foamer will allow you to wash your car in half the time compared to conventional car washing. The Foam Sprayer attaches to any standard garden hose and DOES NOT require a pressure washer like traditional foam cannons do. Each Foam Sprayer comes standard with a quick release fitting. This allows you to rinse your car and then quickly attach the Foam Sprayer to apply a foam lather to your car. Once you're done you can release the Foam Sprayer and rinse off the car. The Sprayer features an adjustment knob so you can easily adjust the amount of foam that is sprayed onto the vehicle.



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