Foam cannons, what’s all the hype about?

Foam cannons, what’s all the hype about?

Every few years a revolutionary product surfaces in the car washing industry. Some of these products don’t exactly meet our expectations and don’t work as good as advertised. The water blade for drying is a great example of one of these products. It looks great on TV and in videos but when you go to use it doesn’t work too well.

Water blade

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The foam cannon on the other hand deserves all the attention it’s getting. If you’ve never seen a foam cannon or don’t know what a foam cannon does we’ll get you caught up fast. A foam cannon attaches to the end of an electric or gas pressure water and uses the high pressure water to sprayer a thick soapy mixture onto your car. It’s referred to as a foam cannon, well because the soap mixture that’s sprayed onto the car looks just like foam.

Foam Cannon: Foamed up Audi R8

 2017 Audi R8 V10+ after an application of Fat Foamer with our Foam Cannon


Now I know what thinking, why is this better than using a wash mitt or a 2 bucket washing method? It’s really simple, since a thick foam mixture is sprayed directly onto the car you don’t have to constantly dip a wash mitt into a bucket to soap up the car. The other major difference you’ll notice is the foam will cling to the car and not “run” off like a traditional car wash soap mixture. Both of these benefits make it easier to wash your car and will result in a cleaner car.


Check out our Lock and Foam Kit which includes a foam cannon and a highly concentrated car wash soap, Fat Foamer.

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