Finally, a Tire Shine That Lasts!

Finally, a Tire Shine That Lasts!

One of the tell-tale signs of a clean car is shining tires. No car wash would be complete without a tire dressing to make your tires shine. The problem is that tire shine just doesn’t last. Within a few days of applying a tire shine product to your tires it fades and your tires are left dull. Why does tire shine last only a few days? What can be done to make the shine last longer?

Why does tire shine last only a few days?

Almost every tire shine or tire dressing product on the market is water-based. What does this mean exactly? This means the tire shine starts out with water and then additional chemicals are added to the product to create the product. The problem with water-based products is that they easily wash away if they get wet.

How can I make my tire shine last?

To make a tire shine last it is important that it will not easily wash away with water. By using a blend of solvents, the tire shine will not only resist water but it will also repel it. Have you ever mixed oil and vinegar or oil and water? If you have you will notice that the two liquids do not mix and stay separated from each other. This is how a solvent-based tire shine will interact with water.


In addition to providing a lasting shine a solvent-based tire shine also dries fast. This allows you to apply the dressing to your tires and drive after only a few minutes without getting the tire shine all over your paint.


Tire Love, our premium tire shine/dressing is a solvent-based product that lasts when other products fade. The quick drying formula will not “sling” or spatter on your paint when you drive and the shine will last for days. Tire Love comes in a huge 32oz bottle and can easily be sprayed onto your tires or applied with one of our tire dressing applicators. Try Tire Love today and experience the difference.

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